Our food is packed with Health, Happiness & Lots of Love.

About Us

Masala Story is an Indian Restaurant in Washington DC which makes you feel that you are in your own kitchen away from home. We treat our employees like family member who puts in all the hard work and love to make your eating experience beautiful and flavourful and leaving you thrilled with a delightful experience with us making you want to come here all day everyday.

100 % Authentic Foods

Masala Story serves 100% authentic indian food with its unique taste and different masala flavour of indian cuisine

Great Food Taste and quality

Masala Story chefs prepare your order using fresh ingredients, maintaining proper hygiene leaving no compromise in the taste and quality of the food

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Your Kitchen Away From Home

Home Made Style Cooking

food is prepared and cooked in a traditional home kitchen style, often using simple techniques and fresh, whole ingredients

Vegan Options

include a variety of plant-based ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.

Masala Story Building

Happy Hour

Enjoy your meal with friends and family. we will make it memorable moment of your lifetime.

Authentic & Traditional

In Masala Story, foods are prepared in traditional methods using authentic ingredients so that you can enjoy the unique and authentic indian flavour.

Indian Food in the heart of Brookland.
Family owned restaurant offering home style authentic Indian food.
Experience the real taste of our food.

Come with family & feel the joy of mouthwatering food.